What is AggieBuy?

AggieBuy is a web-based e-Commerce system developed by Texas A&M University, in partnership with SciQuest, which replaces the purchasing functionality previously provided by the Texas A&M University System's ERP (“FAMIS”). AggieBuy is fully integrated with FAMIS and is linked to Texas A&M’s major suppliers, providing customers with online catalogs and shopping carts, and electronic Purchase orders and Invoices.

Benefits for Shoppers:

  • One-stop shopping experience having the ability to place orders with multiple suppliers from the comfort of your office.
  • No need to remember multiple web sites or to set up individual accounts and profiles with individual suppliers.
  • Search for products by keyword, part number, category, supplier, or "favorites" lists.
  • Suppliers receive orders electronically the same day the order is placed.
  • No dollar limitations on orders placed with contracted suppliers.
  • Complete online catalogs are accessible with pre-negotiated discounted pricing giving shoppers the "best-value" for goods and services.
  • No need to manage credit card receipts - accounting is handled via an interface to the FAMIS financial system with automatic debits to your account(s).
  • Electronic routing and approval process set up for AggieBuy orders.
  • Desktop delivery for most AggieBuy orders.

Benefits for Department Administrators:

  • Greater cost savings for departments with purchases made from contractual agreements with major suppliers.
  • Greater spend visibility and analysis.
  • E-mail approval notifications automatically sent to department approver, with links to the approval page.
  • No monthly Payment Card reconciliation reports for AggieBuy orders.
  • No paper invoices to process with centralized invoicing.

Benefits for Texas A&M University and Procurement Services:

  • Greater spend visibility university-wide leading to better contracts with our suppliers.
  • Better communication with suppliers.
  • University-wide cost savings and added efficiencies.