Procurement Services, with the support of key institutional executive team members as well as a cross-functional Core Project Team, is taking purchasing at Texas A&M University to the next level. We believe your purchasing experience here at Texas A&M should be made as easy as possible. Our mission is to simplify the process of obtaining goods and services from preferred suppliers, thereby minimizing costs and enhancing the overall financial health of Texas A&M.

What is AggieBuy?

AggieBuy is the new Internet-based marketplace where Texas A&M University faculty and staff can go to purchase everything from office and scientific supplies to computers and furniture. AggieBuy is an easy to use one-stop "shopping-cart" system to purchase a full range of products and services. AggieBuy is also integrated with our financial system known as FAMIS. Many of the ways you use to make purchases, e.g. via a supplier's website or by placing delegated orders or creating requisitions through FAMIS, will soon be accomplished through AggieBuy.

Benefits for Shoppers:

  • One-stop shopping experience having the ability to place orders with multiple suppliers from the comfort of your office.
  • No need to remember multiple web sites or to set up individual accounts and profiles with individual suppliers.
  • Search for products by keyword, part number, category, supplier, or "favorites" lists.
  • Suppliers receive orders electronically the same day the order is placed.
  • No dollar limitations on orders placed with contracted suppliers.
  • Complete online catalogs are accessible with pre-negotiated discounted pricing giving shoppers the "best-value" for goods and services.
  • No need to manage credit card receipts - accounting is handled via an interface to the FAMIS financial system with automatic debits to your account(s).
  • Electronic routing and approval process set up for AggieBuy orders.
  • Desktop delivery for most AggieBuy orders.

Benefits for Department Administrators:

  • Greater cost savings for departments with purchases made from contractual agreements with major suppliers.
  • Greater spend visibility and analysis.
  • E-mail approval notifications automatically sent to department approver, with links to the approval page.
  • No monthly Payment Card reconciliation reports for AggieBuy orders.
  • No paper invoices to process with centralized invoicing.

Benefits for Texas A&M University and Procurement Services:

  • Greater spend visibility university-wide leading to better contracts with our suppliers.
  • Better communication with suppliers.
  • University-wide cost savings and added efficiencies.