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Please send general comments or questions regarding Mane Market to:

Account Payable & Encumbrance Releases:

Questions related to commodity and object codes, receiving, invoicing, attaching documents (invoices received in the department), special payment methods, scheduled payment date and vendor statement review.

Invoice Submittal:

This email should be used ONLY to submit invoices to be processed for TAMUC purchase orders.

Procurement Services: (903) 468-3000

Questions related to Purchasing procedures, Purchase Orders, Suppliers/Sourcing, and the HUB Program.

Vendor Set Up & Inquiry: (979) 845-8286

Questions related to new vendor set up, existing FAMIS vendor set up, distribution methods, vendor contacts change or set up, W-9 or W-8, vendor term, and vendor payment inquiry.

Vendor Set Up Document Upload – Please do not email confidential information. Please use the document upload page link to submit W-9/bank account information. 

Access & Security: (903) 886-5054

Questions related to access and security.


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